Economic Mission March 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Secretariat and a delegation composed of different businesses visited Nemaska this week. Thank you for the warm welcoming: Chief Thomas Jolly, Deputy Chief Greg Jolly, we also met with council members, Noreen Moar, Teddy Wapachee, thanks to Clarence Jolly and Robert Kitchen for their presentations and Steven Neeposh from Cree Trappers Association, thanks Brenda Jane Wapachee for all the logistics, thank you Rita Blackned of the GCC/CNG tour. Thanks to Luc Bertrand for the Cree School Board presentation.

We were informed, shared a wonderful traditional meal at the Shaptuaan, we laughed and had a wonderful time. We were happy to see each other. Thanks to everyone involved and see you next time.


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